Kia ora!

(Bit gutted that no one has actually said this to us yet!)

After about 16 years spent on the plane we’ve finally made it to NZ, first stop Auckland.

In classic holiday style, we’ve both got sunburnt on the first day. My ankles look like swollen tomatoes and Owens neck is verging on hot pink.

But we had a sweet first day wandering round the city, Albert Park & the harbour in the sun. We ate burritos for lunch at a cool Mexican place on the pier and then walked over to silo park and had a look at the sky tower.

After checking in to the hostel (Jucy snooze) in the afternoon and having a power nap we headed back out for the evening.

We got the ferry over to Devonport and had tacos and beers for dinner at Vondel. Owen took some pics of the city skyline at night (I didn’t get any snacks…) and then we headed back over on the boat!

At the base of the sky tower

View of the city from silo park

High rise building from Albert Park

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