It’s day three and today the road trip really begins!

We set off this morning for the next stop on our NZ tour – whitianga.

The journey was absolutely amazing, like driving through a Combo of jurrassic park and the shire.

We stopped en route in a town called Tairua for a picnic and a paddle in the sea cause it’s so hot!

We carried on the journey and stopped off at the top of a hill in the middle of coromandel forest park and hiked up to a view point there. It was incredible and you could literally see for miles… we saw a chicken in the woods too so that was a bonus.

After arriving in whitianga and checking in to our hostel (on the beach backpackers) we headed straight down to the beach for a swim and a sunbathe (FYI I got VERY burnt today).

In the afternoon we drove up to Cathedral Cove and hiked down the hill side to the beach.

Went straight for a swim in the sea and then took loads of pics of the cove, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

After a long hike back up to the top of the hill we headed back to the hostel to cook some dinner.

Turns out we’re sharing an apartment with some scandi oldies too!

Tairua beach

Cathedral cove

Inside the arch

Motueka Island

One thought on “WHITIANGA day 3

  1. Hey this is yer Dad my little pickle pot.You are a published writer!This blog is gonna be my new hobby and I’m gonna read it every night before I nod off thinking what a wonderful time you are having.🌼❤️

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