Not sure how but we’ve managed to beat jet lag! Sort of…

Woke up at 4am wide awake so that’s when our day started (with some trash NZ telly)

We headed straight out this morning back to the airport to pick the rental car up. It’s an automatic so pretty much like driving a go-kart! Even Owen could do it…

Once we’d bought it back to the hostel in the city we headed out for the afternoon to meet up with an old school friend of Owens who now lives in NZ.

We went for a few (mini) pints as no where seems to sell actual pints here! At a place called vultures lane. He took us for a wander down the ‘K Road’ otherwise known as Karangahape Road, for a coffee and to check out some op shops (charity shops) and vintage stores… we just can’t help ourselves!

For dinner we went to POK POK with John and some of his friends. It’s a BYOB Thai restaurant on the K road. Which is such a great idea by the way, England needs to catch on! And then for a few beers at a cool bar called Lovebucket.

Headed home around midnight and it was still so warm! Still can’t believe it’s January and we’re having such amazing weather.

Vintage shopping on the K road

The Sky Tower at night

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