Our first morning in whitianga was so lovely! The weather is amazing here and it’s such a cool little seaside town.

First thing we walked along the coast in to the town and had a wander along the high street and around the harbour.

We wanted to make use of the free kayaks at our hostel today but the sea was just way too wavy we would have been capsized straight away! So we decided to drive out to Waiau Falls instead, but had a sliiiiiight problem. Dead battery. I’d left the headlights on the car all night so we were flat! Luckily the hostel owner had some jump leads for us to borrow (which was hilarious watching owen attempt to use them) so we managed to get the car started and were on our way.

The drive out to the falls is along a windy gravel track through the hill side, it was like being a rally driver! The falls are absolutely incredible, it’s like being in a tropical jungle and we had them pretty much to ourselves (seems like this everywhere here!).

After having an explore around Waiau we headed off to hot water beach. 2km below the beach there is volcanic rock that heats up the water above it, so if you dig a shallow hole it’s like having your own hot tub! It really is warm, like a hot bath and you can see steam coming up from the sand.

We had an ice lolly and chilled here for a bit before heading home to get some famous NZ fish and chips for dinner…

Honestly, they’ve got nothing on good old English fish & chips, they didn’t even have any vinegar!

Waiau Falls

Hot Water Beach

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