Doing a bit of a double entry as I’ve been a bit slack the last couple of days and am writing this while on the ferry over to the South Island!

The few days that we have spent in Wellington have been really great, it’s such a cool city (better thank Auckland for definite!). Luckily we were staying with John so we had a local to show us round the city and the best spots to eat, drink, get a coffee or go for a boogie.

We stayed just on the outskirts of the centre (about 10 mins walk) which was perfect for exploring the city. We haven’t had the best weather while we’ve been here, quite rainy and overcast but still really warm. That didn’t stop us from getting out and about though.

On our first day we had a wander around the vintage shops and had a coffee. We took the cable car up the steep hill to the top of town and had a look around the botanical gardens up there too. That evening we got an amazing Indian take away from the local restaurant and had a few beers at John’s before heading into town. We stopped for a drink at a few places including the Little Beer Quarter which is a cool craft beer place with live music on a lot of the time. You can’t really get a pint in NZ but you can get a jug of beer to share pretty much every where (which works out pretty cheap!).

The next day we headed out for some Mexican food in Miramar at Boca Loca (the tacos are amazing!) and then to the Weta Cave Workshop which is just outside of wellington. Here you can see some of the props from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies (you can guess who wanted to come here) and take pictures with them too. We had a drive around Shelley Bay road where you can pretty much follow the coast round and stopped off in Scorching Bay for a coffee and chill at the beach. It’s still overcast but really warm and humid today.

In the evening we went for a burger and a beer at Burger & Liquor (we’ve eaten more this weekend than the whole trip so far!) and then met John and some friends at Havana Bar for a few more drinks.

We headed home to chill out and watch a movie before our early start tomorrow. We’re heading over to the South Island so it’s a 7am start and a 3 hour ferry!

Foggy Wellington from the top of the cable car station

Tacos @ La Boca Loca

Owen ft. Stone troll

Owen ft. Gandalf

Scorching Bay

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