We had an early start today as we are heading down to the South Island on the ferry. It’s about a 4 hour trip, which seems well long for such a short distance! Even though there’s only about 55 miles to travel, you have to weave through tons of little islands in the Marlborough Sounds. The journey is so nice though and really picturesque. We got a cooked breakfast on board (which was actually not good) and then had to endure about 2 hours of a man playing the banjo right next to us. Other than the incessant folk music it was a pretty nice boat trip, and the views were amazing too.

We arrived in the South Island just after lunch time at a seaside town called Picton. We checked into our hostel which is like a huge maze of weird murals and 90’s decor, then hit the beach!

I got sunburnt again (of course) and we had a paddle in the sea but not a swim cause there was loads of jellyfish!

In the evening we cooked dinner at the hostel, played some pool (I beat owen for the first time) had a few beers on the seafront and a chocolate orange ice cream!

Views from the ferry

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