We left Picton pretty early this morning and headed down the coast to Nelson. We are staying in Motueka for the next few days but are stopping off in Nelson today to see John’s parents as they live here.

We had a delicious lunch at theirs which actually had vegetables and salad (which is a first for a while!) so it was nice to have something home made too. They live opposite the park that is called ‘The Centre of New Zealand’ which isn’t geographically correct but is used as the centre point for map plotting (or something else, I wasn’t really paying attention). We hiked to the top of the Maitai hill which was very steep! The views from the top are amazing and you can see all the way across Nelson.

Gwen took us on a quick tour of the town, seeing as we weren’t staying for long. In the evening we went for a pint and some chips (the best ones I’ve had in NZ) at the pub which they opened and ran since they moved here from England in 2001. It’s a proper English pub and is made in a small converted church so looks really cool too!

We headed to Motueka which is about an hour away and checked in to our hostel. We’ve got a little double cabin (basically a double bed in a shed) in the gardens of the hostel and there’s also free bikes and kayaks to use too.

For dinner we had pasta and a few beers at the hostel and chilled outside as it was a really warm night.

Pelorus Bridge, en route to Nelson

View of Nelson from Maitai Hill

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