We have been really lucky with the weather so far in Motueka, another day of hot sun and clear skies for us!

The hostel that we are staying at (Laughing Kiwi Backpackers) has got 2 free kayaks for you to use, which is so handy as it costs about $150 if you want to hire them for a day from Abel Tasman. We borrowed a roof rack from the hostel and headed over to Marahau with the kayaks on board first thing this morning.

We boated (is that the right word?) along the coast of the Abel Tasman and pulled in at a couple of bays along the way before stopping for lunch at Stilwell Bay. We planned to walk here yesterday but had a slight change of plan because of my toe sitch. The whole coastline is so beautiful and the water is so clear and still too. We swam in the sea and even saw a sting ray swim past us really close to the shore!

After lunch we headed back in the kayaks to where we had parked the car, without realising that the tide had gone waaaaay out. Meaning that we were going to have to drag the boat all the way up the beach back to the car park! Luckily a guy told us that there was a little stream running into the sea that we managed to pull the kayak along pretty much all the way up the beach (still a massive pain in the arse though!). We put the boat back on the roof rack and headed back to the hostel for the evening.

Just had a chilled one and got a pizza from the shops to cook back at the hostel.. it’s so hard to justify buying pizza from anywhere but dominos cause it’s so cheap! But unfortunately there’s no Dom’s in Motueka so a supermarket job will have to do.

Our first stop at Coquille Bay

Stilwell Bay

Stilwell Bay with Adele Island in the distance

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