Woke up to another beautiful day in Motueka so decided to go for a swim at split apple rock before we started our drive down to Westport.

Max has decided to change his plans and has quit his job in Fox Glacier, so was en route to Westport this morning to meet us! He managed to hitch hike there in about 6 hours which is pretty good going.

We checked in to our hostel (Bazil’s) and Max strolled through the door of our room about half an hour later! We all had showers and got ready and then had a wander along the (very small) high street. Got a cheeky subway for dinner as we couldn’t be bothered to cook and were suddenly starving as we realised all we’d eaten so far was a bar of chocolate!

We bought some beers and headed back to the hostel to chill out for the evening. We didn’t realise that you could only drink in the garden of the hostel until 9.30 so we headed back into town to a pub to play a few games of pool before calling it a night.

Reunited with Max!

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