Double entry today as there’s not much to write home about!

We’ve had a couple of very rainy & grey days here in Fox Glacier, mainly spent waiting for cyclone Gita to pass through.

On Monday we arrived at lunch time and checked in to our hostel, Ivory Towers Backpackers (which was well nice, my fave so far I think!). We headed to Lake Matheson in the afternoon and walked half way round it to the jetty. On a clear day you get an amazing view of Mt. Cook from here, but unfortunately for us it was really cloudy. The water in the lake is really still and reflective, so you get a cool view of the forest and mountains anyway.

We headed back home in the drizzly rain and had a wander around the town (more of a road than a town really) and decided on an Indian restaurant for dinner. We did have a helicopter flight planned for 5pm but it got cancelled cause of the heavy cloud coverage and rain… bit of a disappointment as that’s the main thing to see / do in Fox!

On Tuesday we spent the day awaiting the arrival of cyclone Gita, which was due to hit the South Island pretty hard. We had lunch (amazing cheese, ham & pineapple toasties) at the Cook Saddle and then chilled out at the hostel for the rest of the day. The weather was so miserable but nothing too worthy of a cyclone. We had power cuts on and off throughout the evening but made the most of a night in with a box of wine and a chilli!

Lake Matheson

Fox Glacier high st.

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