So I’m going to have to retract my last statement… Wanaka was great, but wow, Queenstown is amazing. We’ve only been here a day but I’m already in love!

We arrived around lunch time, too early to check in to our hostel so we had an explore of the town. It’s so picturesque, just a small town on the edge of a beautifully clear lake & surrounded by mountains. There’s so much going on in the town though and it was buzzing with tourists! We had a wander around the shops and checked out the bars and places to eat – there’s so much good food! We got a couple of empanadas from a street food stall and ate them by the waterfront.

After lunch we got an amazing ice cream from Patagonia’s ice cream shop and ate them in the sunshine. We walked back to the hostel to check in (it’s really nice and has a balcony with amazing views!) and cooked some pasta for dinner.

In the evening we went up to Bob’s peak (no idea why the mountains here are all named after random blokes?!) on the skyline gondola lift. Owen was legit pooing his pants the whole way up which was hilarious, it was so steep! The views from the top are amazing, and better yet, there’s a luge track too! It’s like real life mario kart, you get your own little cart and whiz down these tracks really fast. We tried to film it but I ended up just filming mainly sky & clouds instead.

We ate dinner up there and had a beer in the bar while we waited for sunset so we could get some good pics. After an even scarier gondola ride back down (it was pitch black by now!) we headed back in to town for drinks and to play some pool. It was so much cheaper than we’d thought and we ended up in a bar called the London which was pretty cool, and did actually feel like you were back home as it had a pretty convincing railway arch vibe inside!

Ice cream by the waterfront

View from Bob’s peak


On the chair lift to the top of the luge track (Owen takes ‘smile & wave’ very seriously)

Helmet heads

Queenstown at sunset

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