We had a bit of a lie in this morning (maybe a liiittle hungover) and made the most of the free breakfast in our hostel. Today we wanted to do some paddle boarding out on the lake but it was just too windy and wavey, so we’ll have to try and do it somewhere else instead!

We had a wander around the town, through the Queenstown Gardens and then along the lake front. The weather was so nice again today, really sunny and warm despite the wind! We got lunch at Caribe Cantina, which does amazing veggie burritos (I’m deffo doing way too much eating this weekend) and shared some nachos too.

We spent the afternoon wandering around the market and sunbathing in the park. There’s loads of boat trips and water stuff available to do here so we decided to go out on one that takes you around the whole lake. You get to see all of these amazing houses on the other side, and the Remarkable’s mountain range, which legit is remarkable. Better yet, there was cheap beer on the boat too!

In the evening we decided to just suck it up and get in the queue for Fergburger. People have been known to queue for well over an hour, and it only took us about 45 mins so not too bad! Fergburger is hailed the best burgers in New Zealand (maybe the world) so we just had to see for ourselves. I have to say they were pretty damn good! Although, I reckon the veggie burger I had in Wellington was better, and tough to knock off the top spot!

We ate them on the lake front and then went to check out a band that were playing at the bar we were at last night (The London). They were terrible. So we left. (If you’re reading this Lizard Den, I’m sorry). We had a few more drinks at Searle Lane and then ended up at a rooftop bar before calling it a night!

Tyre swing on the lake front

The Remarkable’s from the boat


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