Today we had a VERY early 5am start, and began our day trip to Milford Sound. We got a coach trip with Jucy Cruize that included travel down to Milford, a boat trip and lunch… so it was a pretty good deal! Even though the journey there was really long, it was quite interesting and our driver had loads of good stories and facts to tell along the way.

Because of all the rain yesterday, we were set for a good amount of waterfalls at the sounds, and a clear and sunny day. The boat trip was amazing as you are surrounded by almost 500 meter high cliffs and waterfalls. Some are topped with snow and glaciers too, and others thick green bush. The water was pretty choppy and it was really windy when you got out on to the open Tasman Sea. We were lucky enough to spot some seals and even a tiny glimpse as some dolphins as well!

There are two main waterfalls that you can see all of the time at Milford Sound, regardless of the amount of rain fall. The first is Bowen falls which is seriously impressive and fires water out at a crazy rate. It even has a small water turbine to generate power from. The second is Stirling Falls, which we ended up getting very close to as the boat driver literally took us underneath it!

After a long journey home to Queenstown (we slept for most of it) we dropped our stuff off at the hostel and headed into town just in time for the sunset. We had a beer on the Floating Bar and dinner at The World Bar (I had the fish tacos and kimchi fries – amazing!) before calling it a night and heading back home to chill out.

Milford Sounds

Stirling Falls

Bowen Falls

Queenstown Wharf @ sunset

Dinner @ The World Bar

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