As we ended yesterday with a beautiful pink sunset, we started today with an amazingly sunny and clear morning!

We left Invercargill in the morning, and headed out to Nugget Point, which is on the coast of the Catlins National Park. It honestly looked like something out of pirates of the Caribbean, with turquoise sea and rugged rocks (and a few seals too!). We had lunch in the sunshine at a cafe along the coast – amazing cheese, ham & pineapple toasties with chips, that were only a fiver!

In the afternoon we arrived in sunny Dunedin, and after checking in to the hotel we headed straight for st. Clair beach for some well deserved sunbathing! It was so nice to be on a hot sunny beach after a week or so of being inland. We watched the surfers and had a swim in the sea (freeeezing) and then headed back to the car. In the evening we drove along the coast to Penguin Place, a private beach reserve for yellow eyed penguins. These penguins are native only to the South Island of NZ, and specifically Dunedin. We got to see loads of yellow eyed penguins, and little blue penguins at the reserve; either in the hospital where they are being cared for, or in their nests where they hatch their chicks. We also got to see some wild seals, these were all young males that have been cast out from their group as they aren’t the alpha male… They all hang out on a rocky bit of the coast called the bachelor pad!

It was pretty late by the time we got back to town so we just got a dominos (of course) and some beers and headed home for the night.

Nugget Point

St. Claire Beach

Yellow eyed penguin

Sunset on st. Claire beach

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