Today is the day, for whale watching!

Basically the best thing we’ve done since we were luging in Queenstown, or taking in the view from Roy’s Peak…

We left Christchurch early this morning, via a camera shop & supermarket so owen could buy a lens filter (I think?) and we could get some breakfast.

We headed along the newly opened State Highway 1, which has been closed on and off since the huge earthquake in November 2016, and more recently the cyclone that hit a few weeks ago. After a slow journey along the coast and through lots of road works we made it to Kaikoura. We checked in at the Lobster Inn which is famous in NZ for it’s gigantic paper mache lobster that sits on the roof of the building.

We grabbed some lunch in the town and then headed straight to the whale watch centre. The sea was supposedly choppy but there was luckily no sign of the trip being cancelled – yay!

It was literally 5 minutes in to our boat trip and we were already speeding off in the direction of a surfacing sperm whale. We got there just in time to catch his tail in the air before he plunged back down in to the ocean. We then headed off in search of more whales. We were lucky enough to see three whales in total, and LOADS of dolphins too! They were so close to the boat and were darting back and forth in front of the boat and jumping all over the place. We sailed around a huge rock where there were lots of tiny seal pups that were too young to go swimming and hunting for fish yet.

It was such a good trip and definitely one of the best things we’ve done in NZ so far!

In the evening we headed back to the motel after grabbing some dinner and beers from the supermarket, and chilled out for the night.

Sperm whale tail

Dolphin swimming alongside the boat

Rock where the seals raise the pups

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