Today we headed out to the national park to do a hike to see Mt. Taranaki… we got about an hour into the walk and had a slight problem, we were still in thick jungle and it was so cloudy that you couldn’t even see the mountain! We needed a plan B, so decided to head back to the car and venture out to lake Mangamahoe instead as you can get a pretty good view of the mountain from there if you walk to a viewpoint on a hill next to the lake. But, no luck! Still thick cloud! So we gave up on our hopes of getting a clear view of the mountain and headed to Inglewood instead to grab some lunch.

In the afternoon we continued driving up north, heading to Waitomo. On the way we stopped off at Marokopa Falls, which was pretty awesome! We saw signs for a hobbit filming location so obviously we just had to check it out (you can guess who’s idea that was)… unfortunately it was a paid tour that only ran once a day, so a bit of a waste of time!

We arrived in Waitomo in the early evening and checked in to our hostel (Juno Hall Backpackers). It was pretty nice, right next to a farm with a random selection of animals, including a deer, a couple of goats and a fat, hairy pig! We had some dinner in a cafe in Waitomo village and then chilled out in the hostel for the evening.

Marokopa Falls

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