So we have begun our mini holiday with Max to the Bay of Islands. It’s a gorgeous beachy area right in the north of the north island. We arrived in the afternoon and checked in to our hostel (adventure bay backpackers) which is really nice – big rooms, a pool, hot tub & tennis courts! We headed straight into town for a wander and to grab some lunch to eat on the beach. After a couple of beers at this cool waterfront bar we headed back to the hostel for a dip in the pool!

In the evening we caught the ferry across the bay to Russell, which is a tiny little seaside town. We had a few beers at a cool pub and played some pool & table tennis there too. After wandering around the town we got some burritos and ate them on the beach while the sun set. We then headed back to Paihia on the ferry and walked back to the hostel.

Most hostels that we have stayed at have a 9pm alcohol and noise ban, so you have to drink elsewhere after hours. But at adventure bay you could drink on site until 11, so there’s a cool party atmosphere every night! We met a couple from Reading which was pretty funny (small world!) and played cards with them before calling it a night.

On Friday we had breakfast in the sunshine in the hostel courtyard, and then Owen and Max went head to head in a very serious (terrible) game of tennis! It wasn’t that bad really, I was pretty impressed with their tennis skills, and better yet I got to sit on the umpires podium in the middle of the court and soak up the sunshine.

In the afternoon we hired kayaks from Dan the Kayak Man, and had an explore of the many little islands that make up the bay (I guess that’s why it’s called the Bay of Islands – duh!). Motuarahi & Motumaire islands had lovely little beaches that you could pull up to had have a sun bathe and a swim. The sea was so still and the sun was shining so it was perfect kayaking weather!

We headed back to the hostel to make ourselves some lunch and then went for a swim in the pool. In the evening we got a burger from a place called Thirty 30 that was right near the hostel, and then played some pool at a free pool bar called Kings Road. We walked in to town and got an ice cream and another beer at the waterfront bar before heading home again.

Our pool


Owen the pool hustler

Kayaking adventures with Max

Taylor island

Sunset in Paihia

Owen the tennis pro

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