Well, we are back in the big city! After falling in love with Auckland when we first landed here, I thought my opinion on it might change after we had been to other cities like Wellington & Queenstown – as everyone said it would! But it felt so great to be wandering around a busy city on a Saturday again, especially in the sunshine.

We had to drop the car back today, so after a long drive down from the Bay of Islands, and dropping max off at the hostel along with all of our stuff, we headed to the airport. It felt weird being transport-less for the first time in six weeks, but also kind of freeing! We got an Uber back into the city and headed straight to the Britomart for our dinner. We got a Better Burger and fries (and a strawberry milkshake for me – to dip the fries in ofc) and ate them in the park in the afternoon sun.

After dinner we headed over to the harbour and had a wander to Silo Park. There was a big sailing festival on so there was loads going on and lots to see.

As we didn’t get a chance to go up the Sky Tower when we were in Auckland the first time around, we thought we better make sure we fit it in before we left. The view was amazing up there, and it was wicked to see the sun setting over the city from so high up. We stayed up there for an hour or so, until it was dark, and then headed home. We chilled in the hostel with max in the evening and watched Get Out with lots of popcorn and chocolate.

Better Burger (panko fried mushroom – yum!)

Festival Playground @ Silo Park

View of the city from the Sky Tower

The Sky Tower at night

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