Believe it or not (I can’t) it’s our last day in New Zealand! We woke up to a day of beautiful sunshine, and headed out in to the city to make the most of it. For breakfast we went to Best Ugly Bagels – supposedly the best in NZ, so it had to be done! We had food and a coffee before heading down to the harbour to check out the boat trips that were sailing today. We decided to get a boat over to Waiheke Island, as it was such a beautiful day and perfect for the beach!

After a windy boat trip (with a beer for good measure of course) we arrived at the port in Waiheke. We walked about half an hour to the village of Oneroa and chilled on the beach in the sunshine. For lunch we got fish cake and chips – a close rival to my all time fave fish cake from The Fish Plaice in Swanage!

After catching the ferry back to Auckland, we had the task of washing & packing all our stuff back up. We realise now that we won’t have the luxury of the car in Australia to dump half our stuff in!

For dinner we went back to the Mexican restaurant that we had lunch at when we first arrived in Auckland, as the jack fruit burritos were too good not to have again!

We are leaving for the airport at about 3 o’clock tomorrow morning, and then the second leg of the trip begins…

Auckland skyline from the boat to Waiheke

Oneroa beach

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