G’day mate! We’ve made it to Australia and the second leg of our trip kicks off in Melbourne. After a 3am start in Auckland, we landed in Melbourne around 9am and headed straight to our hotel. We’re starting off our east coast adventure with a bit of luxury (why not?!) and are staying in a pretty nice hotel just on the edge of the city centre.

After getting a bus into the city from the airport, we got a tram to the hotel and dropped our bags off as we were too early to check in to our room. We headed straight in to the city to have an explore and grab some lunch. It’s quite like London here, just smaller and much hotter! The southbank is actually really similar to London’s southbank, and there’s loads of cool restaurants and bars on the riverside.

It was Labour Day in Australia, so the city was really busy as everyone had the day off work. There was a festival going on in the Royal Botanical Gardens called ‘Moomba’ so there were tons of food stalls, fair ground rides and stuff going on including BMX and wakeboarding competitions.

In the afternoon we headed back to the hotel to check in and chill out for a bit and then headed back in to the city in the evening. For dinner we went to an amazing buffet called the Kitchen Workshop, which was actually inside a casino. I ate about a ton of salad and felt healthy for the first time in weeks! We walked along the river as the sunset and then headed back to the hotel as we were completely knackered!

On Tuesday we made the most of the hotel breakfast buffet and then headed in to the city. In Melbourne they have a bike share project, where for $3 you can hire a bike for 24 hours. We cycled from the city to St. Kilda beach and chilled out in the sunshine there for a while. In the afternoon we cycled to Brunswick Street, where there are tons of cool cafes, bars and vintage shops. We both did a bit of shopping (we can’t say no to some cheap Tommy Hilfiger!) and had a wander around.

We hadn’t checked out the hotel pool yet so we headed back to make the most of the afternoon sun and have a swim. The pool is really nice and has a hot tub too! We made dinner in the hotel and the in the evening cycled back in to the city to check out the rooftop bar at Curtin House, which unfortunately had a private cinema screening going on so we couldn’t get a drink!

We headed back down to the southbank and got an (expensive) beer at Hopscotch before heading home.

Melbourne skyline at dusk

Hotel breakfast

Afternoon swim

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