As far as 12 hour coach trips go, that one wasn’t so bad! It felt pretty weird waking up in a different city, having travelled almost 550 miles without even realising. We arrived just after 9am and went straight to the hostel to drop our bags off, and then headed into the city.

We wandered through the city centre, eventually ending up at the harbour. Seeing Sydney Opera House and the harbour bridge up close in real life is pretty strange as you’ve seen it so much in pictures and on TV! You don’t realise that the sails of the opera house are actually made of tiny white tiles, rather than big metal sheets, which looks quite cool.

We got a coffee and chilled out by the harbour for a while and then decided to climb the 200 steps of the Pylon Lookout Tower. The view from the top is amazing, it’s feels like it’s almost as high as the top of the bridge (and only $10 rather than the $300 you pay to do the bridge climb!). The clouds had blown away from the morning and the sky was clear and blue – perfect weather to get some great photos.

In the afternoon we headed back to the hostel to check in to our room and have showers and stuff – as you don’t feel that fresh after 12 hours on a bus! There was a market on in China town that we had a wander around in the evening, before getting a burrito and a beer for dinner at Guzman Y Gomez.

After dinner we walked right the way across Sydney Harbour Bridge, and went to check out the Luna Park. It’s a proper old fashioned fair ground, which looks pretty cool all lit up right on the riverside. We got a drink there and chilled out until it got dark and then got a ferry back across the harbour.

The Opera House Bar was pretty packed as it’s a Friday night, but we managed to squeeze in a quick beer. It’s probably one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever had a drink!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House

The Opera House from Pylon Lookout

View of the harbour from North Sydney

Luna Park gate

Sydney Opera House at night

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