Unfortunately, the second of our night busses didn’t prove to be as comfy as the first! I’m not sure what it was about it, but it seemed to go on forever, and by the time we arrived in Byron my bum was unbearably numb! I shouldn’t complain really though, as it’s amazing that we have done all of our travelling through the night so far, meaning we get to wake up in a new place and aren’t wasting any of our days.

We arrived in Byron Bay at about 8am and headed straight to our hostel to drop our bags off. We are staying at Byron Beach resort, which is literally a stones throw from Belongil Beach. There’s an amazing little cafe right next door called Treehouse on Belongil, where we got breakfast (avocado on toast for me, brekkie tacos for owen) and a coffee.

We chilled out on the beach for a little while and had a paddle in the sea, before jumping on the shuttle bus and heading back into town. We had an explore and checked out all the cool clothes shops and bars on the main high street, and then grabbed some food to take back to the hostel for lunch. After we checked in to our room we decided to walk along the beach back in to town and go to the outdoor swimming pool that’s on the sea front. All the lidos here are so cheap (usually a couple of quid each) and it’s nice to swim and sunbathe when you aren’t all sandy and salty too.

There are loads of happy hour offers on in the afternoon so we had a couple of beers at a couple of bars (the Sticky Wicket and Targa Bar) before heading home for the evening. The sunset was really amazing and it was still so warm walking along the shore back to the hostel.

We made a pretty impressive (HUGE) dinner and ate it in the garden of the hostel, and then chilled out with some top notch (cheap and cheerful) Aussie wine!

Belongil Beach

Sunset over Byron Beach

Top notch hostel dinner

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