We are halfway to a hundred! Day 50 of our trip was a pretty good one to say the least… even if we did start the day with a really disappointing avocado for breakfast (you can’t win them all!)

Our hostel offers free bike hire so we decided to take advantage of this and go for a bike ride in the morning. We cycled along the coast, heading for the Byron Bay Lighthouse where we locked the bikes up. It’s a steep climb up to the lighthouse and it was ridiculously windy (which was actually so nice as we were boiling hot from the cycle up there) but the views are so worth it! Just down from the lighthouse is the most easterly point of Australia, so if you get there for sunrise (we had one too many glasses of wine last night to make it there for the crack of dawn) then you will be the first people to see the sun in the whole country!

We walked down along the coast, past Wategos Beach (where we saw a huge lizard!), and back up to where we left our bikes before cycling home. After dropping the bikes back at the hostel we walked along the beach back into town to get some lunch and have a little picnic on the beach. Walking on the sand in Byron is a unique experience as the san actually squeaks under your feet, it’s really odd and made me cringe a little (like scraping a chalkboard!). It was a really lovely and hot day so we went for a swim in the sea after lunch. The waves were absolutely huge and the water was so warm you could have stayed in for hours.

After a long afternoon swimming and sunbathing we headed home to cook dinner and chill out for the evening. On route we got captured by an over enthusiastic girl trying to sell us Fraser Island and Whitsundays tours. We managed to escape her, not before she managed to add me on Facebook though… but it did make us realise that we need to crack on with booking and organising the rest of the trip!

We spent the evening chilling out at the hostel and drinking wine on the balcony… Byron Bay has proved to be an amazing place so far!

Byron Bay lighthouse

The most easterly point of Australia

Cycling around Byron

Belongil beach

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