Our last day in Byron was a pretty chilled one, as we had a coach to catch at 5pm to take us up the coast to Surfers Paradise.

The weather today was a little showery, but it’s still so lovely here even in the rain! It’s so warm that it doesn’t seem gloomy at all, just a bit of light relief from the amazing sunshine we’ve had so far.

We checked out of the hostel and left our bags there for the day so we didn’t have to lug them to the beach with us, and then headed along the coast in to town. We got a coffee from Byron Corner Store and sat outside on the high street, the perfect place to people watch! There’s a crazy northern guy who hula hoops all day long in a spot just opposite where we sat, so that was the mornings entertainment.

We spent the afternoon sunbathing on the beach and got a burrito for lunch from Guzman Y Gomez before jumping on the shuttle back to the hostel to collect our bags.

The coach to surfers paradise was only an hour and a half long, and because of the time difference we arrived at 5.30 so we were there in time to make the most of the evening!

Our hotel is amazing, we’ve managed to get a whole apartment with 2 balconies and a pool and hot tub… somehow for cheap! There was some crazy monsoon weather all evening so we just chilled and ate dinner in the apartment.

Byron main beach

view of surfers paradise from our balcony

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