Well it’s true what they say about Surfers Paradise… it’s like the Benidorm of Australia, or Blackpool without the charm.

With tons of tacky bars, street vendors trying to sell you bar crawl tickets, and a night market that was verging on blackbush level, you only need a day here to experience it all!

Don’t get me wrong though, we still had a great time here. We started the day with breakfast in our apartment (we found out this morning that we’d been upgraded from a studio to a one bed apartment- that’s why it was so luxury!). We headed to the beach closest to our hotel, and then walked along the shore towards the main area of Surfers Paradise. We were almost instantly captured by an over enthusiastic guy trining to flog us tickets for a bar crawl that evening. After much persisting from him, and us trying to convince him that an $80 ticket for entry to some shit clubs didn’t sound like our thing, we managed to escape.

We explored the town and browsed the shops so owen could finally buy some pool sliders that he’s been putting off for almost 2 months (don’t know how he lasted so long – trainers on the beach is unbearable!). For lunch we went to this all-you-can-eat vegan place that people rave about online. It was pretty tasty food, even if you did get a few pigeons flying in and out of the place!

In the afternoon we headed back to the hotel to make the most of the pool there, before getting ready to go out for the evening. At sunset we went back into town to check out the SkyPoint Tower. It’s not as high as the eureka Skydeck that we went up in Melbourne, but at 78 storeys it’s still pretty huge! You got a great view of surfers paradise from the top, and could see for miles along the coast and out to sea. We stayed until it was dark so we could see the lights of the busy town from above, and had a couple of drinks in the bar and then headed back down.

There was a night market on along the coast so we went to check that out after being up the tower. To describe it in one word, I would have to say crap! Nothing on the incredible night market in Melbourne, but still fun to wander round and look at all the toot on the stalls.

We headed back to the apartment with a bottle of wine and dinner to cook (better make the most of having our own kitchen!) and chilled out there for the rest of the night.

View of the skyline from the beach

Incredible views of Surfers Paradise from the SkyPoint Tower

Hotel pool

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