We arrived in Brisbane in the afternoon, after changing our 5pm coach to a 12 o’clock one as we didn’t wanna spend a whole nother day in Surfers Paradise!

Luckily our hostel is literally opposite the coach station, so we checked in straight away and dumped our bags off. We headed out in to the city to have an explore. There’s loads of shops and places to eat in the main city centre, and it’s great to wander around and do some window shopping in the sunshine. We got burritos for a late lunch and then decided to check out the south bank.

It’s an amazing network of board walks and paths through beautiful flowers and rainforest, lush green lawns and swimming pools. It’s an incredible space and is made even better by its skyscraper city back drop. We walked through the parks along to Goodwill Bride, where you get a great view of the city across the river.

After the sun had set we continued to walk along the river toward Kangaroo Point (not sure if there are actually kangaroos here, but we didn’t see any!). There’s floodlight cliff edges where you can rock climb and abseil for free – if you’ve got your own kit, which was really cool to watch! We got a beer at a little bar on top of the cliffs, and then headed home to make dinner back at the hostel.

We spent our second day in Brisbane with a coffee at Jimmy’s on the Mall, and then grabbed some lunch to take for a picnic along the river. We went to check out the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art and then ate on the riverside. It was a little cloudier today but still boiling hot, we went for a swim in the amazing southbank pools and spent the rest of the afternoon sunbathing and relaxing on the sand.

In the evening we headed to Wilson’s Lookout, to get an incredible view of the city and story bridge by night. Our hostel is next to a pub restaurant where you can get discount on food and drink with your room key, so we decided to have dinner there. We had a couple of beers and a free cocktail (basically a blue WKD in a fancy glass) and watched some Aussie rules footy while we ate – it’s basically a mad combo of football and rugby but more violent… very fun to watch!

Brisbane from Goodwill Bridge

One of the pools at the south bank

The city from Wilson’s Lookout

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