On Monday we decided to get a bus out of the city to go and check out the botanical gardens. There was an amazing glass dome that was like a tropical rainforest inside, with so many plants, trees and flowers. We went to go for a walk through the gardens and then had a sliiiight problem. Spiders… everywhere.

Now I knew I was scared of spiders but I’ve never been exposed to about 20 huge ones in the trees above my head. So I freaked out. I think panic attack would be the best way to put it but I pretty much ran away and then almost passed out. Let’s just say it’s pretty lucky that we’ve made it over 2 weeks into Australia and I’ve only just come in to contact with a spider!

It’s safe to say that that put a dampener on our day out to the botanical gardens, as I point blank refused to go any further and had to go and have a calippo and a sit down (LOL). We got on the bus back into the city, stopping off at Mount Coot-tha look out en route. The city seemed like it was miles away!

In the evening (after I had calmed down from spider-gate) we had a wine and crisps picnic by the river. We were promised $10 pizzas back at the hostel bar so we decided to head there for dinner, only to find that the offer wasn’t on! So we settled for burgers and a beer instead (not complaining) and listened to some corny guitar music at an open mic night.

We started our final day in brizzie with a DELISH bagel from the Bagel Boys and then checked out of our hostel and headed to the coach station. Just a short 5 hour journey and we arrived in Hervey Bay just in time for sunset. It was lush having a few days in the city but it’s so nice to be by the sea again! We got a cheeky curry for dinner and then chilled out in our hotel for the evening as we’ve got a very early start in the morning for our trip to Fraser Island.

The botanical gardens. Picture by Owen as I was too stressed to take any 😂

Mount Coot-tha Lookout

The riverside at night

Me with Matilda the giant kangaroo at a service station on the way to Hervey Bay

Sunset at Hervey Bay

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