Well after a pretty good run of weather, we’ve been hit with a tropical storm. 2 days of basically non-stop rain, in a town where the only thing to do is swim and sunbathe! (We’ve also had no internet or phone signal, hence why I’m doing a mad blog catch up!).

We did brave it and go for a dip in the lagoon on Sunday, as it was just so boiling hot! Still, we made the most of what little shops / restaurants were open, and consoled ourselves with some tasty food! We got amazing cold brew iced coffees at Treehouse on the sea front. Little Vegas probably does the best burgers in town, so we had to go there to sample a couple! We celebrated Easter Monday in traditional style too, with a good old fashioned curry. We went to Little India for our Easter feast, and had definitely the weirdest excuse for an onion Bhaji I’ve ever seen! That’s one thing I’ve realised from being in NZ and Aus, you can’t get a curry anywhere near as good as home! (Standard Tandoori, we miss you).

We had a rainy walk along the coastal path, up to the marina, shingle beach and then on to Cannonvale beach. We were hoping to see some salt water crocs in the marina, but had to settle for some big fish instead.

We’ve got an early 7am coach on Tuesday to take us up to Townsville, and then it’s on to magnetic island to hug some koalas!

Coastal walk to Cannonvale

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