We had a very blustery start to our journey up to Townsville, torrential rain and wind while you’re waiting at a bus stop at 7am isn’t an ideal way to spend your morning! The greyhound busses are great though cause you can just sleep or watch a movie and then just like that you’re at the next stop!

We arrived in Townsville just after lunch, and got straight on the ferry over to Magnetic Island (locals call it ‘maggie’). Luckily the weather seems way better further up the coast, so we enjoyed the sunshine on the boat! We headed straight to our place to check in and dump our bags, after a long morning of travelling we were both in need of a cold beer. We wandered along Nelly Bay to Base Backpackers, which has a cool beach bar and huge deck. After chilling there for a while we decided to catch a bus across the island to Horseshoe Bay – we are staying in the south of the island tonight and then heading north and staying there tomorrow. We caught the sunset and then had a wander along the beach to a bar where we hung out until we could get the bus back to ours.

We spent the evening chilling out and cooked dinner at our place – lucky enough to have our own kitchen so we made the most of it!

Beach bar at Base Backpackers

Sunset at horseshoe bay

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