What can you do with 5 days in cairns when it’s 35 degrees? Other than doing some hardcore sunbathing, swimming in the lagoon and eating, there isn’t much more you’d want to do! Other than a cheeky skydive maybe… so that’s exactly what we’ve been up to!

A long weekend in cairns has felt like the perfect way to end our trip in Australia. It’s been so chilled out and the weather has been amazing. It’s a really lovely city with loads of cool places to eat and drink, and an amazing lagoon swimming pool on the coast.

By coincidence we timed this trip just when the commonwealth games are getting underway, so cairns was buzzing with excitement for the event. There are huge TVs set up all over the parks and public spaces, with bean bags to watch in… there’s even a tv in the pool so you can float about watching the sports!

We ate some amazing Thai food at Iyara, and delicious burgers and schnitzel at the Courtyard – both on the esplanade with a view of the sea and the games! Our hostel (Dreamtime Travellers) was super nice and chilled, with a little pool and a cool seating area with a VW camper in the middle of it! We cooked a couple of dinners here and chilled out with some good old fashioned goon (can goon ever be good?)

But the highlight of the whole weekend, and maybe the whole trip in aus has to be the skydive! For some crazy reason we thought throwing ourselves out of a plane at 15,000 foot would be a good idea. And it turns out it was! It was just the most amazing (and a bit terrifying) feeling, and the view was incredible. Watching Owens face as he was hurled out of the hatch has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life… luckily we paid extra to have a go-pro so we can watch it back! The flight itself seemed to take ages, and when you thought you’d got to 15,000 foot you were only at about 6,000. Then when you actually jumped out of the plane and started to freefall, it felt like it was over in seconds! We were falling for around a minute (which felt like 10 seconds) and then sailing with the parachute for about 2 minutes before we landed gracefully back on earth.

It was the most amazing experience ever and I already want to do it again! One to add to the list when we come back to this side of the world (soon hopefully).

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