We arrived in Bali safe and sound at half midnight after THE most uncomfortable flight of all time. Jet star has officially taken the title of least leg room and most upright seats so congrats Ryan air, you can relax for a bit.

We were picked up by the lovely Ketut who runs things back at the villa in Seminyak, he whizzed us there in record time (the traffic in Bali is mental – more on that later) where we were greeted by mum and the Bracknell babes!

It was so lovely to see everyone after 2 months, and we had a catch up over a beer before hitting the hay (hay being a sofa bed for the next few nights as we were just crashing in the living room of their villa).

We kicked off our first morning in Bali with breakfast at the villa (i had strawberry pancakes and owen went for the more authentic Indonesian breakfast of Nasi Goreng). It was great having mum around as she had already been there a week so knew her way around Seminyak like a pro! We went for a wander along the main high street and to Seminyak square to check out the shops.

We got an ice cream from the oh so Instagrammable Mad Pops and then made our way to Ku De Ta beach club. We spent a few hours there drinking beer and swimming in the pool before heading to Motel Mexicola for lunch. It’s even better than the pictures, and the food was amazing! We had some sharing bits (including some delicious guacamole – we needed our avocado fix), drinks and admired the beautifully quirky Mexican decor.

We headed back to the villa for a well earned dip in the pool (it’s quite a walk!) and then got ready for the evening. We ate dinner at Chai’ba which was THE MOST amazing Indian food I have eaten, ever. Apologies dishoom (and standard tandoori) but you’ve got nothing on this. Me and Owen shared a couple of veggie curries plus sides and shared loads with the rest of the table. It was just so delicious we might have to go there again when we head back to Seminyak at the end of the trip!

On our second day we had a late breakfast at the villa and then set off for Potato Head Beach Club, where we spent the rest of the day and evening. It’s a little on the poser side, but incredible none the less. There’s a very instagrammable infinity pool which looks out to sea, and a swim-up cocktail bar complete with a jacuzzi seating area. We had the most luxurious afternoon swimming, drinking and sunbathing until the sunset before heading to the restaurant upstairs for dinner. There are a few places to eat at Potato Head but we went for Kaum, the traditional Indonesian restaurant. Again, we were so lucky and had the most amazing dinner. We shared loads of delicious Indonesian veggie dishes, including Gado Gado (our new fave) and a coconut jackfruit curry.

Our final day in Seminyak consisted mainly of goodbyes to mum and the rest of the Bracknell ladies. We spent the morning wandering around the shops so they could make sure they’d filled their suitcases to the brim with clothes and presents to take home! Me and Owen spent the afternoon trying (and failing) to get Arctic Monkeys tickets and then headed back to Ku De Ta to watch the sunset with a couple of beers. For dinner we ate at Bo & Bun, and ordered way too much food! It’s so cheap here compared to Australia so you think you’re ordering hardly any food when in reality it’s tons!

Ice creams with mumma at Mad Pops

Dinner at Chai’ba

Banana pancakes for breakfast at the villa

Sunset at Potato Head

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