Our time in Padangbai was short but sweet, as I imagine it is for everyone who visits. It’s the main gateway to Lombok and the Gili Islands, so most people are stopping over for just one night before they get the boat.

We stayed in the most beautiful hotel (OK Divers resort) with two salt water swimming pools and an amazing restaurant where we had both lunch and dinner cause it was so good! After leaving Ubud around 11 and driving almost 2 hours to get there (with some interesting song choices from the driver – Soulja boy and Lionel Ritchie to name a couple) we arrived in Padangbai just after lunch.

We spent the day relaxing in the pool, sunbathing, and then in the afternoon we walked around the bay to blue lagoon beach. The water was beautifully clear but unfortunately it was the first time we had really gotten to experience the plastic issues in Bali. There were just so many water bottles, bits of polystyrene and all sorts of plastic bags washed up on the shore. Lots of places are consciously trying to reduce the waste on the island, by using things like bamboo straws and encouraging reusable water bottles. But it’s clear that there is a real problem there that the government just can’t afford to fix at the moment, it’s really sad to see such a beautiful place ruined by rubbish!

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