After a tasty breakfast in Padangbai we boarded the boat over to Gili Trawangan. We got the fast boat so arrived on the island in about an hour and a half. Stepping off the boat on to Gili T was like stepping in to a different world compared to Bali. There are no cars and no roads, just bikes, horses and dirt tracks. It’s still a busy and bustling tourist island though, with Backpackers and holiday makers everywhere, and tons of restaurants, bars and hotels.

We are lucky enough to have a few days in luxury while we’re here, and are staying in a private villa with a pool (thanks dad!). We couldn’t believe our luck when we arrived at the villa after traveling with our bags by horse and cart, through the forest and in to the middle of the island. It was a little hidden paradise, with a thatched roof, amazing pool, huge bed and outside kitchen and lounge. We even had our own bikes to get around the island on (complete with a head torch each as well as there’s no street lights in the forest!).

We headed out on the bikes and after a short cycle (it’s only a tiny island) we arrived at Pituq for lunch. It’s a little vegetarian and vegan restaurant, tucked away behind big bamboo gates. We ate some amazing tempe and the tastiest cauliflower ‘nuggets’ and then headed back to the villa for a swim.

In the evening we cycled to Ombak to see the sunset on the beach, and enjoyed a couple of drinks while we watched hundreds of people queue to get the famous swing picture for Instagram. For dinner we went to Pituq’s sister restaurant and had some beautiful veggie curry, and then a couple of bintang back at the villa after a night time swim!

We started our second day on Gili T with the most amazing banana pancakes cooked for us at the villa, along with fresh fruit and croissants (I could get used to this). We went for a cycle to explore some more of the island and then rented some snorkel masks to have a dive on the North Eastern beaches. The water was unbelievably clear and calm, and we saw loads of colourful fish and coral. It was so much better to snorkel here than in Australia!

After a long swim we headed to the Banyan Tree for a late lunch. There are so many great veggie restaurants on Gili T! We had some delicious Gado Gado, a Buddha bowl and an amazing pulled ‘pork’ (jackfruit) sandwich. After lunch we headed back to the villa to chill for a bit and then went back to the beach to watch the sunset with a beer. After such a huge lunch (classic us) we weren’t hungry for dinner so ended up spending the rest of the night at Sama Sama, Gili T’s Best (and only) reggae bar. They had some excellent live music from Indonesia’s answer to Bob Marley!

Villa Sama Lama

Ombak sunset

Sunset in gili t

Reggae night at Sama Sama

Horses on the beach at Ombak

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