After a surprisingly cool night in the hut (thank god for the fan) we checked out of begadang Backpackers and hopped back in to a horse and cart to take us down to the jetty. We had a speedy boat ride back to Gili T and then headed straight to our hotel, Blue Marlin Divers. It was a bit early to check into our room so we just chilled at the bar and got a couple of smoothies (Owen got date, cashew nut and avocado, which was interesting to say the least).

Once we’d checked in we had a dip in the pool to cool off and then headed to the Banyan Tree for lunch. We had the most amazing purple tortilla wraps with falafel and vegan mayo (which was actually so nice!). After lunch we had a wander around the shops, I bought a couple of pairs of floaty shorts as it’s just way to hot to wear denim ones here! We decided to hire a couple of bikes for the rest of the day cause it makes getting around the island so much easier, and then headed for Exile beach club. We spent most of the afternoon swimming and sunbathing there, and then made our way a little further along the coast to Casa Vintage. It’s another cool little beach bar with bean bags and umbrellas, except it also has a vintage clothes shop too. We got some delicious cassava chips and dips (kind of like a hybrid potato / parsnip type thing) and chilled there until the evening when we had to drop the bikes back.

After much deliberation (and wandering around aimlessly) we ended up at the Banyan Tree again for dinner. It’s just too good not to eat there! We had some delicious dhal and curry and then crossed over the road to Sama Sama for another night of Bali’s best reggae band.

For our last full day in Gili T we decided we wanted to head out to sea again to see if we could spot some more turtles. We’d seen these cool clear plastic kayaks a few days before so went to see if we could hire one for the morning. The idea of a see-through boat is great, until you get in it and start rowing and realise that you’re constantly flicking sea water everywhere which makes it pretty difficult to see! But after very little rowing from me (the boat is designed so your facing eachother – making it impossible to both row at the same time… not that I was complaining) we managed to head round to the curve of the island known as ‘turtle point’. With a bit of help from a little girl that was snorkelling near by, we were lucky enough to spot two more sea turtles!

We decided that we’d have to hire some snorkel masks so that we could see them up close again, so headed back to shore to swap the boat for some fins and goggles. We swam out to where we were in the boat, and sure enough we could see a turtle chilling out on the sea bed. As it swam up for Air we were able to float along right next to it, and followed it a little way along the shore until it headed out to the deep. During our snorkel we managed to swim with two other turtles, one baby one and one that was absolutely huge! There was a little kid swimming above it and she was honestly the same size. It was amazing to see and I can’t believe we’ve been so lucky in spotting so many of them!

After a long morning of swimming we headed into the centre of the island for some late lunch at Pituq, where we ate on our first day in Gili T. We were pretty knackered after our busy morning so we spent the rest of the day chilling in the hotel pool and sunbathing. We didn’t fancy dinner so opted for some frozen yogurt at Gili Yo instead!

Exile Beach Club


Swimming with the turtle

Horse and cart

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