After a chilled breakfast at Blue Marlin, we checked out, left our bags there and went for a last walk along the coast. We had a drink and a sunbathe before heading for the jetty to check in for our boat. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was the bumpiest boat I’ve ever been on. The driver seemed like he was just sailing us straight into the middle of a tidal wave or something and everyone was getting thrown about all over the shop! We finally made it safe and sound (just about) to Nusa Lembongan, and waited on the beach with our bags and the rest of the people from the boat for our ride to the hotel. There are literally no cars on the island, just mopeds and buggy’s. Their version of a taxi is a truck that looks like a cabstar with benches and a roof fitted on the back, where you just load your bags in and hold on for dear life!

After checking in to the hotel we had a swim in the pool and then decided to have an afternoon explore. We set off for mushroom beach and after getting lost twice along the way we finally made it there. The sun had set by the time we arrived at the beach but you still got a pretty good view of the mountains in the distance. We had a wander around looking for a good veggie restaurant (and failing) we settled for pizza and chips at Bali Hai beach club. It was the most expensive meal we’ve had so far – and it was just pizza! The beach club was lovely though and we chilled out there until finding our way home by torch light.

After breakfast in the hotel (I’m almost getting bored of mie Goreng for breakfast now) we decided to venture out to find dream beach. We hadn’t been walking for long when one of the taxi trucks pulled up next to us and gave us a free ride as he was headed there anyway! Dream beach is really picturesque, and so much more wavey than what we’ve been used to in Gili T. We had a swim and a sunbathe and had a bintang in the beach bar just up the cliff on the beach. Next we headed along the coast a little to the Devils Teardrop. It’s a huge cove where waves come crashing in creating massive splashes in the air, and lots of spray (which is why it’s also called smoke point as the spray looks like smoke). We even managed to spot a sea turtle swimming around inside the cove. For lunch we walked to Sandy Bay Beach Club for some amazing jackfruit tacos and guacamole – can’t forget to avocado fix now can we!

After chilling at the hotel for the rest of the afternoon we walked (without getting lost this time) to mushroom beach for sunset. We were uninspired by the food down by the beach again so decided to just head back to Sandy Bay for dinner and a drink instead!

Devil’s tear drop

Lunch at Sandy Bay

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