With another hot and sunny day in Seminyak on the agenda, we decided to spend the morning down at the beach. Double Six Beach is renowned for its huge waves, so is a great spot for surfing. Being the surf novices that we are, we settled for bodyboarding instead (as the surf was massive we thought it wasn’t the best time to try our hand at surfing for the first time!). We spent the morning trying our best to look like we knew what we were doing, and didn’t do too badly if you ask me! After chilling out and topping up our tans we headed to Divine Earth for some lunch. We had some tasty vegan hot dogs and smoothies and did a little bit of planning for Singapore.

In the afternoon Owen went to get a hair trim and we had a wander around the shops before heading home to get ready for the evening. It’s the 5th of May so that can only mean one thing… Cinco De Mayo! We hit up Motel Mexicola for Seminyak’s biggest Cinco De Mayo celebration. It was absolutely packed but luckily we had a table booked with an amazing view of the stage and the dance floor. We had some delicious veggie Mexican food, tequila and a LOT of bintang. The place was excellently decorated, the music was awesome, and they even had a twerking competition! Complete with a host that looked suspiciously like Pitbull’s ugly cousin.

After a night of drinking and partying, we had a lazy morning at the hotel. For lunch we had a wander to Nalu Bowls, for the most amazing smoothie bowls in Seminyak. Afterwards, we walked along the beach to Woo bar at the W hotel, and had a beer and a swim in their amazing beachfront pool. We carried on walking along the coast and ended up at Finns Beachclub, where we spent the rest of the day.

We soaked up the last of the sun and enjoyed a free cocktail (thanks to Owen’s amazing sunset picture he took when we were here last time) before heading home for the evening. For dinner we had a couple of tasty burgers at Wacko, and then headed back to the hotel to pack… off to Singapore tomorrow!

Cinco De Mayo at Motel Mexicola

Nalu Bowl

Finns Beach Club

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