After packing our stuff and having a quick breakfast at the hotel, we left early for Huê. We’d hired a driver to take us there and make some stops along the way too, first up was marble mountain. Marble mountain is a set of 5 limestone mountains in Danang, each topped with pagodas and marble statues. The five mountains are named after the five elements: Kim (metal), Thuy (water), Moc (wood), Hoa (fire) and Tho (earth). Mt. Thuy is the highest, and we made it to the top after climbing up what felt like a thousand steps in the boiling hot sun. The views of the beach and surroundings were great, but it was a hard climb! Next on the tour we stopped at Đầm An Cư, which is a large lagoon just off the coast. The water is really clear and so still, and you can see thousands of oyster shells that have been fished for here. We got a bit ripped off after being charged a dollar to take a photo on a wooden raft though! Our journey to hue took us through the Hai Van Pass, where you get the most amazing view of the mountains as you drive along the stretch of highway. We arrived in Hue in the afternoon and headed straight out to get some lunch. We had some tasty veggie burgers at the Nook Cafe, and then set off to explore the town. In the Vietnam war Hue was the site of one of the longest and most terrible battles of the war, and much of its architecture was destroyed. Still standing is the imperial city, thick stone walls surrounded by a moat, which house pagodas, temples and a replica of the Royal Theatre. In the evening we chilled at the hostel bar and played some pool, before having a vegetarian feast for dinner at Madame Thu’s. We had a few beers at a rooftop bar next to the hostel which had a great view of the busy street below. One of the statues from marble mountain Hai Van passDam an cu lagoonAt the entrance of the imperial city

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