SIEM REAP 102 103 104

There’s no better way to relax after an action packed week in the crazy city of Singapore than 3 days of relaxation in beautiful Siem Reap… so that’s exactly what we’ve done!

After a long morning of travelling (Singapore to KL and then KL to Siem Reap) we arrived at our hotel. We spent our first two nights at Shinta Mani Shack, an AMAZING luxury hotel not too far from pub street and the night markets. We had lunch at the hotel and then spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing by the pool.

We ventured out to pub street and spent the evening wandering around the many markets, shops and bars. We ate dinner at an amazing veggie restaurant, where we had the best pumpkin & pineapple curry ever!

The next day we had the most delicious breakfast at the hotel and then chilled by the pool all morning. In the afternoon we went to the national museum of Angkor, where you can learn all about the history of the country and the temples before you visit them. In the evening we went to pub street for a drink and then to Vibe Cafe for some tasty veggie burgers.

On Monday we checked in to our next hotel on the other side of town. In the evening we went for some Mexican food and then had a wander around the many night markets.

Pub street


Well we’ve made it… Day 100 of our trip! And what better way to spend it than at Universal Studios Singapore. We set off early and got the MRT to the bay and then the monorail over to Sentosa – the aptly named State of Fun!

We spent the whole day exploring the park in the sunshine, and going on every ride (except the baby ones, ofc) as many times as we could. It’s much smaller than Disney so you can get around the whole place pretty quickly, but there’s still loads to see and do! The best rides were definitely the transformers 3D one and the battlestar galactica rollercoaster. Luckily there were hardly any queues cause it was a weekday so we got on everything!

We spent the whole day there until the park closed and then made our way back to the hostel. We went to the hawker centre for dinner again and had some more amazing thali, before heading down to the river to see the light show at Marina Bay.

After a busy day yesterday we had a bit of a lie in before heading to Orchard Road for a wander around the shops and a coffee at Oriel. We walked back through town to Clarke Quay and had lunch at nomVnom, where they have the biggest menu of veggie burgers I’ve ever seen. We got a couple of amazing mushroom and truffle burgers before wandering back along the river. We went to check out some of the sights that we’d seen from the boat trip the other day, like the old police station and the national museum.

We walked along the river to the old Boat Quay and had a couple of beers while watching loads of little turtles bobbing out of the water in the river. In the evening we went up the marina bay sands hotel to the Skydeck on the roof. You get the most amazing view of the city, and it’s a great place to watch the sunset! I even had a Singapore sling cocktail, as it’s our last night and hadn’t tried one yet!

We headed back to Chinatown for dinner and to pack our bags before getting a bit of sleep – we’re heading to the airport at 4am!

Universal studios

Jurassic Park! (No real dinosaurs though☹️)

Far far away castle

The old police station

Singapore sling at the top of the marina bay hotel

SINGAPORE 97 98 99

After a stressful morning of getting stuck in traffic leaving Seminyak & thinking we were going to miss our flight, we were then delayed and only made it by the skin of our teeth for our connecting flight from KL! It was a long day of travelling, but by 7pm we had finally made it to Singapore. We are staying at Galaxy Pod Hostel, and it looks exactly as you’d imagine it! A bit like something out of Star Wars, with a slight feel of sleeping in a tanning bed / coffin. Nevertheless, they look awesome and you get your own tv too! We’re staying right in the middle of Chinatown so we headed straight out to the nearest veggie place and had some amazing sweet and sour (fake) chicken and tofu satay.

After an interesting night sleep in the pod, we had a quick breakfast at the hostel and then headed out for the day. Our first stop was Little India, which was filled with busy markets and colourful shops and buildings. We then made our way to the Orchard Road, which is one of Singapore’s best shopping districts, to visit the Off-White store and do a bit of window shopping. Next on the agenda was Haji Road, famous for its quirky shops, cafes and vintages stores – they even have a coffee shop where you can get a selfie printed into the foam of your latte! It’s walls are lined with colourful graffiti, and hordes of tourists trying to get a good picture.

For lunch we ate at Gokul, one of Singapore’s best, and cheapest veggie restaurants. It didn’t disappoint! We had an amazing butter chicken (fake chicken, of course) curry, and delicious pineapple fried rice. The chicken and beef substitutes here are so tasty, you honestly wouldn’t know the difference! After lunch we crossed over the famous Helix Bridge (named after its DNA-like design) and went to check out the futuristic flower shaped building that is the Art Science museum. We saw two really cool exhibitions, one called future world, which was all about art & technology, and one about the history of graffiti and street art.

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore’s famous riverside botanical gardens and futuristic forest. First we visited the Cloud Dome, a huge glass structure which houses a giant waterfall and hundreds of different plants and trees. Next we explored the Flower Dome, where thousands of flowers grow in areas dedicated to different parts of the globe. My favourite was the Mediterranean garden cause it was full of fresh herbs and smelled amazing! We ended the evening at Supertree Grove, a futuristic forest of giant metal trees. Not only do they look amazing, but they’re doing their bit for the environment too, as they collect and store rain water, and have huge solar panels on top which help power the other areas of the Gardens. We did the tree top walk just as the sun was setting, and were able to get an amazing view of the city from high above the trees. After the sun had gone down we watched a light & sound show in the gardens and then headed back towards Chinatown for dinner. We ate at one of the many Hawker Centres that are all over Singapore. They’re full of loads of different food stalls ranging from Thai to Vietnamese and Indian to Japanese. We had some amazingly tasty (and so cheap!) Indian thali before calling it a day and heading back to the space pod.

After a busy day in the city yesterday, we decided to take the MRT out to the Chinese & Japanese botanical gardens. It was so quiet and peaceful there, hard to believe that there’s a crazy city just 20 minutes away. Climbing the spiral staircase inside the Chinese Pagoda gives you an amazing view of the city skyline, and miles out across the suburbs and green space surrounding it. There’s just so many skyscrapers and tall apartment buildings that you feel like your playing Sim City!

We spent the morning exploring the gardens and baking under the boiling sun. We even managed to spot a huge (and I mean seriously huge) lizard swimming in the lake, and loads of terrapins sunbathing on the rocks too. In the afternoon we headed back to the city, stopping off at one of the university campus’s to check out a cool building that Owen wanted to photograph. We ate lunch in Chinatown again and then made our way over to the river to get on a boat trip from Clark Quay. There are bum boats (still not sure why they’re called this!) all along the river, ferrying tourists from one end of town to the other. We learned all about the history of Singapore and why the river was central to its business, and then arrived back in Clark Quay for a well earned beer!

We hung out by the river until sunset and then made our way back to Chinatown for dinner at the 8 Treasures vegetarian restaurant. The pineapple fried rice and sweet & sour chicken combo is just amazing here!

Our space pod

Little India

Haji Lane

The Art Science museum and the marina bay sands hotel from the helix bridge

SuperTree Grove

The cloud Dome

Chinese Pagoda

View of the city from the top of the Pagoda


With another hot and sunny day in Seminyak on the agenda, we decided to spend the morning down at the beach. Double Six Beach is renowned for its huge waves, so is a great spot for surfing. Being the surf novices that we are, we settled for bodyboarding instead (as the surf was massive we thought it wasn’t the best time to try our hand at surfing for the first time!). We spent the morning trying our best to look like we knew what we were doing, and didn’t do too badly if you ask me! After chilling out and topping up our tans we headed to Divine Earth for some lunch. We had some tasty vegan hot dogs and smoothies and did a little bit of planning for Singapore.

In the afternoon Owen went to get a hair trim and we had a wander around the shops before heading home to get ready for the evening. It’s the 5th of May so that can only mean one thing… Cinco De Mayo! We hit up Motel Mexicola for Seminyak’s biggest Cinco De Mayo celebration. It was absolutely packed but luckily we had a table booked with an amazing view of the stage and the dance floor. We had some delicious veggie Mexican food, tequila and a LOT of bintang. The place was excellently decorated, the music was awesome, and they even had a twerking competition! Complete with a host that looked suspiciously like Pitbull’s ugly cousin.

After a night of drinking and partying, we had a lazy morning at the hotel. For lunch we had a wander to Nalu Bowls, for the most amazing smoothie bowls in Seminyak. Afterwards, we walked along the beach to Woo bar at the W hotel, and had a beer and a swim in their amazing beachfront pool. We carried on walking along the coast and ended up at Finns Beachclub, where we spent the rest of the day.

We soaked up the last of the sun and enjoyed a free cocktail (thanks to Owen’s amazing sunset picture he took when we were here last time) before heading home for the evening. For dinner we had a couple of tasty burgers at Wacko, and then headed back to the hotel to pack… off to Singapore tomorrow!

Cinco De Mayo at Motel Mexicola

Nalu Bowl

Finns Beach Club

SEMINYAK 92 93 94

After a tasty feast of breakfast tacos from the avocado factory, we checked out of the hotel and headed for Seminyak. Luckily the traffic wasn’t too bad, and we shared a cab with a girl from the hotel so it wasn’t as expensive either! We checked into our hotel in Seminyak and then set off to have a wander and get some lunch. It was cool to be back in Seminyak again after 3 weeks of exploring the rest of Bali, and the busy streets were exactly as we had left them. For lunch we ate at Clean Canteen, and had some really good curry & cold brew coffees. We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the shops and along the beach, finishing off at La Plancha in time for sunset. It’s arguably the best spot to watch the sunset in Seminyak, while enjoying a bintang or two on the colourful bean bags.

After popping back to the hotel to change and get ready for the evening, we made our way to Potato Head. We’d seen on instagram the day before that they had secret guests performing, and by the look of the poster we had a strong suspicion that it would be Disclosure! After a bit of a queue to get in we headed straight for the bar and then just as we thought, the screens flashed with Disclosure’s logo and they appeared on stage, blaring out the music. We had a great night, especially as it was so unexpected, and it was really cool to see them in a place like Potato Head as it’s such an amazing place!

We decided to spend Thursday at Waterbom in Kuta. It’s been deemed Indonesia’s best waterpark, and you can see why! We had an amazing day going on all of the different slides and chilling out on the lazy river. The best slide was by far the ‘climax’, where you’re stood on a platform that drops right out from underneath you. You feel like you’re genuinely plummeting to your death but then end up being scooped up and flung around a gravity defying loop the loop, and then flying out of the tube into daylight again.

We had lunch at Waterbom and spent most of the day there before heading back to Seminyak to chill at the hotel for a bit. For dinner we ate at Chai’ba, the amazing Indian restaurant that we went to on our first night in Bali. It was just as good as we remembered it – maybe even better! It’s definitely the best Indian food I’ve ever eaten, so we had to have it at least once more before we leave Bali!

We had an early start on Friday, and headed straight out at 7.30 to Tegenungan Waterfall. The waterfall is located just outside of ubud

After a steep walk down into the valley below, you felt instantly cooler as you were surrounded by the spray from the fast flowing water. You can stand right at the foot of the waterfall (and swim in it – if you dare) and get an amazing view of the water as it crashes down into the pool below. After crossing a little bamboo bridge, and climbing some steps, we were able to get right to the top of the falls and have an incredible view of the water and river below. We got some great pics, and could even see a rainbow from the sun shining through the spray.

After a long and trafficky drive back to seminyak, we spent the rest of the afternoon at Mrs. Sippy. It’s Seminyak’s biggest saltwater pool, and has an awesome diving platform as well as amazing tropical surroundings. We had a great time chilling out there and swimming, and had some tasty lunch too. We walked home via the shops and markets, and then had dinner at a little vegan place called Zula.

Breakfast tacos at Avocado Factory

Sunset at La Plancha

One blurry picture from Disclosure’s set at Potato Head


Owen TERRIFIED on Climax

Gettin’ some air at Mrs. Sippy

Tegenungan Waterfall

CANGGU day 90 & 91

We started our last day in Uluwatu with a morning swim and sunbathe, and banana pancakes for breakfast. We checked out at lunchtime and after waiting forever for a cab, made our way to Canggu. We stayed at FRii hotel, which was really cool and right by Echo Beach. For lunch we ate at the Avocado Factory, where literally everything on the menu is avo-themed! We had some amazing avo toast and a delicious avocado satay too. We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring Canggu and checking out the shops. There’s a really cool little market and loads of bars and restaurants… you could literally spend a week eating your way around there!

We watched the sunset from the rooftop bar of the hotel and then made our way to Shady Shack for dinner. It was super busy as it’s one of the best restaurants in Canggu, so we ended up sharing a table with an eggy American guy and his bored girlfriend. Despite the table company, it was still great and we had some delicious jack fruit burgers and shared some veggie chilli nachos.

We started our second day in Canggu with a walk along the beach and then breakfast at Old Man’s Cafe. There’s so many great places to eat here but Old Mans seems to be one of everyone’s favourites, and you can see why! We had some tasty food and iced coffees and then wandered back to the hotel for a swim and sunbathe. In the afternoon we made our way along the coast to Finns Beach Club. Out of all the beach clubs in Bali, this one has definitely been my favourite! It’s so cool, and has a big pool with a swim up bar and loads of bean bags and Day beds you can rent. We spent the afternoon swimming, sunbathing and drinking until the sun had gone down.

After heading home to change we walked back into town for some dinner. We wanted to eat at Ithaka, which is supposed to be one of the best veggie restaurants, but it was packed! We opened for In The Raw Garden instead, and had some great Tempe tacos and a HUGE sharing platter.

Rainbow staircase

Owens amazing sunset picture at Finn’s

In The Raw Garden – sharing platter

ULUWATU day 88 & 89

After a morning swim and a VERY long journey (buggy, boat then taxi) we finally arrived in Uluwatu. Our hotel was super cool and had a really nice bar and infinity pool, our room was a bit strange though as it was a bit like a garden outhouse or something! Very rustic but still amazing. We headed out to Suka Espresso for a very late lunch after a morning of travelling. The food there is amazing and we had the most delicious portobello mushroom burgers and the biggest milkshake I’ve ever seen! After we’d eaten we walked down to the beach to watch the sunset.

We spent the rest of the evening chilling at the hotel bar and trying to plan the next part of our trip – Singapore!

After breakfast at the hotel and a morning swim we hired a driver for the day and headed out to see some of Uluwatu’s sights. Our first stop was Green Bowl Beach, which was absolutely beautiful and so quiet. It has a huge cave behind it that’s full of religious offerings and a strong smell of insence. We had a swim there and then hopped back into the car and drove a little way along the coast to Melasti Becah. It’s undeniably the most beautiful beach in Bali, with the clearest water and whitest sand we’ve seen since Australia! The water was really calm so it’s great to swim in, and we chilled there for a while before heading back to the driver. Our last stop was Uluwatu Cliff Temple (Pura Luhur) which is one of the most well known temples in Bali. It’s right on the cliff edge, and surrounded by forests and beautiful flowers. There’s also tons of monkeys! These ones weren’t as friendly as the ones in Ubud however, and I didn’t fancy having one on my shoulders again!

We stopped off at Bukit Cafe for some veggie burgers for lunch en route home, and then walked back for an afternoon swim and sunbathe.

Unicorn freakshake at Suka

Steep steps down to the beach

cave at Green Bowl

Melasti beach