It was an early 6am start for us as we jumped in the car and drove down to Alma Bay for sunrise. Within minutes it went from dark and chilly to brilliant sunshine and what looked like a boiling hot day ahead. We had a drive right round to picnic bay on the other side of the island, and then headed back to horseshoe bay to grab some breakfast. We ate at Nourish Cafe, and enjoyed avocado on toast with a sea view – can’t get much better than that!

We spent the rest of the morning sunbathing at the beach, before heading back down to Nelly Bay to drop the car back off. In the afternoon we went on a wildlife tour back at Bungalow Bay Koala Village. We got to hold tortoises, lizards, a salt water croc (a baby one) and a koala! We only got to cuddle one and have a quick picture with her, but then we got to go into a little enclosure and pet another koala called hagrid. He got hit by a car on the island and broke both of his legs (so sad!) and now he lives in the koala village where they take care of him and make sure he gets enough eucalyptus leaves. After we saw the koalas, we got to have a python draped around our shoulders, which was really heavy!

After our koala cuddles, we wanted to go and use the jet skis back at horseshoe bay, but unfortunately they were closed for the day. We headed back to the hostel to pack our bags and have one last drink before we hopped on the bus, and then caught the ferry back to Townsville. It’s just a quick overnight stop there before we get our last greyhound coach up the coast to cairns on Friday.

Sunrise at Alma bay

Cruising in the Malibu barbie car

Owen and hagrid

koala cuddles


We started our day in style this morning, and headed straight down to the ferry terminal to rent a car for the next couple of days. There’s only one car you wanna be renting on magnetic island, and that’s the iconic Malibu barbie car from topless rentals! It’s like a little go-kart and is the ideal thing to be whizzing around the island on (even if it means making it up the hills a bit tricky!).

We headed straight for our hostel (Bungalow Bay Koala Village) to dump our bags, and then drove back down to the coast for breakfast at the Bikini Tree Cafe in Arcadia bay. I had some bangin avocado toast and a coffee, and we chilled there for a little while before hopping back in the moke and driving up to horseshoe bay. We had a sunbathe and a dip in the sea – they have stinger nets in the sea at horseshoe bay so you can swim (almost) worry free.

We checked in to our room, and managed to upgrade to a poolside one with our own bathroom – thanks Owen! Just before 5pm we drove down to Geoffrey Bay, with the hope of seeing – and feeding – some baby wallabies! We bought some food with us and luckily enough got to get up close and personal with at least 4 of the little cuties. They are called rock wallabies cause they live in the rocky bush along the shore, and are very human friendly as they’re used to being fed by them each day!

We dropped the car back at the hostel and walked up to horseshoe bay to get some happy hour beers at marlins bar, and dinner at Noodies on the beach (we were promised a free sombrero with every meal but unfortunately we didn’t get one!)

Our whip for the day

Baby wallabies at Geoffrey Bay