ULUWATU day 88 & 89

After a morning swim and a VERY long journey (buggy, boat then taxi) we finally arrived in Uluwatu. Our hotel was super cool and had a really nice bar and infinity pool, our room was a bit strange though as it was a bit like a garden outhouse or something! Very rustic but still amazing. We headed out to Suka Espresso for a very late lunch after a morning of travelling. The food there is amazing and we had the most delicious portobello mushroom burgers and the biggest milkshake I’ve ever seen! After we’d eaten we walked down to the beach to watch the sunset.

We spent the rest of the evening chilling at the hotel bar and trying to plan the next part of our trip – Singapore!

After breakfast at the hotel and a morning swim we hired a driver for the day and headed out to see some of Uluwatu’s sights. Our first stop was Green Bowl Beach, which was absolutely beautiful and so quiet. It has a huge cave behind it that’s full of religious offerings and a strong smell of insence. We had a swim there and then hopped back into the car and drove a little way along the coast to Melasti Becah. It’s undeniably the most beautiful beach in Bali, with the clearest water and whitest sand we’ve seen since Australia! The water was really calm so it’s great to swim in, and we chilled there for a while before heading back to the driver. Our last stop was Uluwatu Cliff Temple (Pura Luhur) which is one of the most well known temples in Bali. It’s right on the cliff edge, and surrounded by forests and beautiful flowers. There’s also tons of monkeys! These ones weren’t as friendly as the ones in Ubud however, and I didn’t fancy having one on my shoulders again!

We stopped off at Bukit Cafe for some veggie burgers for lunch en route home, and then walked back for an afternoon swim and sunbathe.

Unicorn freakshake at Suka

Steep steps down to the beach

cave at Green Bowl

Melasti beach